We are proud to present our first sustainability report, which marks the beginning of our journey towards a more sustainable future.

With this report, we are publicly committing and fulfilling our responsibility to communicate transparently on “how we do business” and the impact we deliver on the environment and society.

Care for the environment and people has always been integral to our mission, driving us above and beyond challenges. We have focused our business and strategic goals on top-quality products and services with maximum commitment to environmental protection, energy efficiency, and health and safety at work.

This report summarises 2022 from a sustainability perspective and is a starting point in our ESG journey, the data, and topics we will continue to supplement. Our work on sustainable vision will continue even stronger in 2023 to develop a comprehensive inventory of our environmental and social impacts, including climate change.

But above all else, this document serves as a testament to our commitment to the principles of responsible corporate citizenship. Join us in reflecting on the efforts we've made and the challenges we've overcome as we collectively work towards a future where sustainability is at the forefront of every decision.


This document was officially published on October 9, 2023.