Emerald Azzurra

Our references are becoming more luxurious! This time we present you the project of the spectacular mega yacht Emerald Azzurra.
The yacht is as long as 110 meters and can accommodate 100 guests and a crew of 64 members. The interior contains lavishly designed spaces for business conferences, stays, banquets, parties and more. Tailor-made, it provides unique access to smaller ports that only small yachts could otherwise reach.
Such a rich gastronomic offer requires complex kitchen ventilation systems. Therefore, our KHI range hood product has proven to be the ultimate solution for the needs of this luxury 5-star yacht. Due to the large and luxurious space that can accommodate many people, we have also installed our HVAC air distribution products LDD (line diffuser) and air sterilization devices SCU-UV. With this project, we become an indispensable part of the most beautiful cruises at sea.
Emerald Azzurra 3.jpgEmerald Azzurra.jpgEmerald Azzurra 1.jpgEmerald Azzurra 5.jpgEmerald Azzurra 4.jpgEmerald Azzurra 2.jpg