Roller door


The mechanism and the drive are located in the technical zone (service from the technical zone) which makes them ideal for installation in cleanrooms. Door are made of PVC canvas (with FDA approval) and operated by AC motor (230V 50Hz) with microprocessor which enables to regulate the opening/closing speed (1.2/0.6 m/s). Pressure difference between rooms is allowed for up to 30 Pa.

  • Frame made out of anodized aluminum (optional: stainless steel or PVC coated aluminum) and doors are made out of PVC canvas

  • Light curtain in the plane of the door

  • Presence sensors on both sides of the door

  • In case of evacuation the door is mechanically raised on the pressure of the button (from both spaces)

  • Made for easy assembly and maintenance

  • Intended for cleaning with standard acids and abrasives agents

  • Interlock system

  • Fire connection

  • Position connection