Test Laboratory

The Test Laboratory Project has been developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of Zagreb, in compliance with ISO 5219. The main purpose of this test Laboratory is determination of the characteristics of air supply openings, performance of measurements and staff training, all with a view to obtaining the data on the tested products to be used as a reliable support by the designers. We use the measuring equipment of well renowned suppliers, in particular ABB, National Instruments and Dantecdynamics, specially designed for the measurement of indoor thermal comfort conditions, thus meeting the measurement requirements set out by the standards EN 13182, ISO 7736 and ASHRAE standard 113. In addition to standard measurements, the Laboratory makes it possible to simulate the conditions in particular rooms, in their full size and under real conditions. The Test Laboratory also has an educational role and is used by the students who carry out research of the characteristics of air-conditioning, heating and cooling systems in buildings, write and publish their seminar and degree essays.