Production processes are taking place in two locations, in Samobor and Nova Gradiška, both in Croatia, EU. World production lines are developed in collaboration between Klimaoprema's experts and renowned European manufacturers. The manufacturing processes run on a number of highly-efficient, robotized production lines and CNC machines granting the shortest manufacturing times and international quality level. Our production lines are arranged so that the raw material, mostly sheet metal in rolls, moves fast through individual operations, without internal transport, which results in a very short manufacturing time. Also, waste is reduced to a minimum. Such concept of the manufacturing process, arranged on the area of approx. 20.000 m², with a newly constructed large high-rack warehouse, provides manufacturing capacities that can satisfy the highest requirements of customers. The entire manufacturing process is controlled by ERP software ensuring a highly efficient flow of information required for prompt response towards the customer.

Rectangular housings production line
The production line for fire dampers and other rectangular products has the capacity to produce 30.000  items per shift annually. Housings are made using profiling technology, reducing the number of operations during assembly. Since we are the only company to do this, we have patented this type of housing and possess a valid patent for fire dampers.

Cylindrical housings production line
The production line for cylindrical products, primarily VAV's and fire dampers, has the capacity to produce 60.000 items per shift annually. The specifics of this line is the automatic production of cylindrical housing for any product and the finished housing is ready for installation. Some of the handling on the line is performed by a robot that communicates automatically with the machines and recognizes the product and its dimensions. In the near future we plan to separate the production of round VAV's and round fire dampers.

Cleanroom panels production line
The production line for cleanroom panels uses coloured sheet metal plates, which requires extremely sensitive handling and top quality control for products and the process. A finished panel emerges every two minutes and production capacity is estimated at more than 100 m² cleanroom panels per hour. Palletizing is performed by a robot capacity 700 kg, selected and designed in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. Our cleanroom panel production line is the most modern in the world.
As a company that is focused to the future, we constantly strive for new opportunities and innovative solutions. We encourage originality and creativity of individuals and teams in order to offer customers Cleanroom and HVAC solutions that ensure a healthy and pleasant stay in the area and energy efficiency of buildings.
Production plant of Klimaoprema is a safe and healthy working environment in which mutual trust, good relationships and personal development of individuals are encouraged.


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