New range of linear ceiling diffusers


With the latest product development, we have expanded the range of our linear ceiling diffusers, offering the customer flexibility to meet the ever-high architectural and engineering demands.  

LDD the evolution of Klimaoprema well known linear drum diffuser. It is flexible, easy to adjust and maintain, and now equipped with an optimized plenum box for better performance and easier commissioning.  


LDF - a simple and easy diffusor with fixed diffusion elements and with two possible operation modes (with or without the Coanda effect).  


LDM a completely new family of linear ceiling diffusers. It is equipped with robust movable deflection elements that allow the air directly over 180° range. It features very low-pressure drops and can be used for high airflows.  

LDA - linear diffuser with thin slots, with adjustable elements for horizontal or vertical airflow. Specially designed for ceiling installation. LDA airflow can be adjusted manually by rotating the directable deflector.  


LDH - linear diffuser for seamless plaster-in installation. Ideal for areas with high aesthetical demands where ventilation elements should be seamlessly integrated. LDH airflow can be adjusted manually by rotating the directable deflector.