Mission and vision

Klimaoprema mission

"Through passionate work, courage to step forward and care for our employees, we develop and produce high-tech solutions in the field of HVAC and a complete service of engineering and cleanroom systems for clients around the world."
Klimaoprema is a manufacturing technology solution company in the field of cleanrooms and HVAC systems.

Cleanroom Solutions

We design solutions, manufacture and perform cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories and other industries.
With our capabilities, experience and production capacities, we are able to offer our clients complete solutions for a clean space system on a turnkey basis. In addition to design and construction, we also offer complete validation - qualification activities throughout the operation of clean space.
With the majority share of our own production and ensured quality control as well as reliable logistics and organized teams for installations, services and maintenance, We optimize every investment in financial and time terms with our experience and flexibility.
We also offer personalized solutions following new trends and technologies, taking current standards and customer needs into account, and modern product design, accompanied by complete technical documentation and certificates of products and services.
We complete the care for our clients with education and post-sales support during and after the warranty period, either with our own resources or with a partner network.

HVAC Solutions

We create products and solutions in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and heating that provide a safe and comfortable space in which we live.
We deliver high quality products and solutions to our clients and support them in the realization of projects.

We provide designers with full technical support, confirmed by technical documentation and testing in our own development laboratory. We offer distributors and contractors a partnership, transfer of knowledge and information and compliance with the agreed conditions with quality after-sales support.

Klimaoprema vision 

We want to be a leader in the industry of development and production of fire dampers and air flow control devices, and strengthen our position in the European market.
We want to become a key supplier to the largest distributors of HVAC equipment.
We want to stand out in the market through new business models that will provide our customers with the best solution.
Klimaoprema wants to become a leading engineering company and a reliable partner to the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.
We want to become the best employer in the technological manufacturing segment.
Klimaoprema wants to be:
  • A company that continuously learns, evolves, anticipates the effects of change and adjusts its business strategy accordingly.
  • Technology organization focused on development based on professional knowledge that actively cooperates with centers of excellence and applies the latest technologies.
  • Financially stable company that makes quality strategic decisions with risk control.
  • A company that recognizes challenges, provides solutions and strives for a long-term partnership.
  • An innovative company that achieves product competitiveness and expansion into new markets by continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.
  • Attractive and competitive employer, able to retain and transfer knowledge, develop people and ensure a healthy work atmosphere.
  • A company that promotes the sustainability of the environment and human health. 

Values and principles of Klimaoprema

Management principles - "Our employees are the driving force behind our success"
We are aware that each of our individuals contributes to the overall successful realization of large projects that become part of the greater world good.
The success of Klimaoprema is our common goal which we can achieve only through active and quality cooperation which we encourage and ensure in a way that:

We value and respect each other
Mutual respect is the foundation of our mutual success and quality cooperation. It is important to us that together we create a pleasant and stimulating work atmosphere so that employees are satisfied.
We care about the development and motivation of our employees
We regularly encourage our employees to further personal development and education, thus enabling them to regularly refresh their knowledge and acquire new skills. We care about their motivation for a creative approach in creating new solutions.
We build trust and encourage team spirit
Mutual trust is the foundation of good cooperation. If there is trust, the employee can give his best. Therefore, we trust our employees and encourage them to work independently and take responsibility in their daily work and in situations where it is not precisely defined.
We encourage associates to set an example by their actions and behaviors that are aimed at the common interests and well-being of the team, based on mutual respect and trust. We collaborate with the scientific community and make informed decisions based on facts and data.
We communicate clearly and resolve conflicts
We are aware that employees can only achieve their work goals if they are well informed. Therefore, our associates are actively and transparently informed because only precise information gives clarity and orientation.
We conscientiously react and act to resolve conflicts that arise, thus encouraging a good work atmosphere and team spirit. We accept and share constructive criticism, face to face, because we try to treat all employees equally.
We are guided by moral principles and think about the common interest and not just about our workplace and tasks.
Business principles - "Customer satisfaction comes first"
We adapt our operations and business to the market and needs of our clients. We strive for continuous business improvement and product and service development.
In order to provide our clients and partners the highest possible level of quality of products and services and to ensure their satisfaction and long-term good business relations, we are guided by the following principles:
Reliability and focus on results
Our work is focused on achieving results and agreed goals. Our clients and partners can rely on our agreements and services that meet the highest quality standards - because we always put our words and promises into action.
We recognize innovations and create products and services according to the interests of our clients. That makes us successful.
Passion and courage
Our employees are talented individuals driven by enthusiasm and a desire to offer the market something new and different. With their knowledge and skills, they bravely face new challenges and push boundaries.

Although as a company we are recording great growth, we do not take anything for granted. There are always new challenges that we are ready to embrace. We are constantly working on improving our products and services, but also developing our knowledge and skills.


Strategy of Klimaoprema

Technological revolution and new challenges
​​We are in the times of the 4th industrial revolution, which through digital transformation enables fast availability of information, efficient data processing and process optimization, and the availability of new technologies. Raising awareness of long-term sustainability, globalization and accelerated change, protection of human health and the environment represent new trends and challenges in the life and business of every human being.

We adapt our business and activities to the needs of the market and the client. We are focused on excellence, on the highest possible level of quality of our products and services. In our actions and while achieving goals, we always follow our values, beliefs and principles.