Klimaoprema was set up in 1975 and since then it has grown from a small manufacturing facility with 12 employees to a relevant and recognizable manufacturer that operates from 43.000 m² of robotized and automated facilities and employs a staff of 460. 

1975 – Company set up with 12 employees
1983 – Relocated to a new 600 m² facility in Samobor. Production portfolio expanded. Company became the leading regional market manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning and Cleanroom equipment
1998 – Registered as a joint-stock company. Start of the investment cycle
2005 – Relocated to a new 4.500 m² manufacturing facility in Gradna outside Samobor. Total number of employees went up to 100
2008 – Additional 3.000 m² manufacturing facilities built, total of 160 employees
2012 – New 1.500 m² racking warehouse, expanded to 200 employees
2015 – New factory in Nova Gradiška built totalling 6.000 m²
2019 – Manufacturing facility in Nova Gradiška upgraded, new manufacturing and storage facility totalling 18.000 m² constructed
2019 – Klimaoprema d.d. employs a staff of 460 and operates from 43.000 m² of manufacturing, warehousing and office facilities in Samobor and Nova Gradiška