Amelicor cleanroom event 21.09.2022


We presented the Amelicor Group to our business partners in the area of ​​cleanroom!


To celebrate the knowledge and accomplishments of our employees, as well as the excellent cooperation of business partners and associates in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine, this fall, we held an Amelicor event. Guests from all over Croatia gathered in the beautiful Lauba - a house for people and art.
With a short introductory program led by moderator Jelena Glišić, our CEO Sergio Galošić presented the Amelicor Group, which includes the following brands: Klimaoprema, Amelicor Engineering, MCRT, and KOER.
In addition, our CEO presented the successful growth and development of the company and plans for the future. The program continued with a presentation by the director of Amelicor Engineering, Goran Suša, who gave a brief overview of the completed projects in cleanrooms.
He explained the obstacles and logistical challenges we faced during the pandemic on our two projects in Western Europe and how we managed to do the impossible despite the limited resources and short deadlines.
After the presentations, the event followed the informal part of the evening with cocktails, a handful of good food, and musical accompaniment by Matija Cvek & The Funkensteins band. Below, see a part of the atmosphere from the event.

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